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Emoze brings Push Mail for your Mobile FREE!

I just stumbled upon a post from IntoMobile talking about Emoze . Emoze installs a client on your mobile device and using its own network pushes your POP3/GMAIL/etc mail to your device. So far my quick tests have shown a very stupid-easy set up process. Enter your email address and you're done for GMAIL. Email back and forth works well too. I need to test the app further and see if it has any quirks. I live in New York and given that New Yorkers don't trust anyone, I'm being a cynic and trying to look for "what's the catch?"; So far none found. Enjoy!

Digsby Multi-Protocol IM Client

It's been a long time... I'd like to bring to your attention an IM client that took me by surprise. Digsby is something more than just an IM client, its a powerhouse. Supports all of the popular protocols and updates to social networks (Facebook and MySpace). The GUI and features are so well designed, notifications are great and flexibility is there. I've tried AIM, MSN, Pidgin, Kopete, Trillian but none come close to Digsby, so far only a Windows client available but there will be a Linux and OSX versions available too. Currently in private beta, after downloading the client enter code "lifehacker" to use Digsby . Enjoy.