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Digsby is bringing out a Linux and Mac client very soon

Hey all, my new favorite multi-protocol IM client is soon to become a multi-platform client. It is still in beta and they're already rolling out a client for the other two platforms. It is a great news to me because I literally fell in love with Digsby on Windows and every time I find myself using Kopete or Pidgin on Linux I yearn for Digsby. It is just so great at what it does. Hope the Linux client is not crippled and offers just as many features as Windows. Sign up for notification here . p.s. Ars did a nice and simple review of Digsby here . Talk to you soon.

Octro Multi-platform client and VOIP

hello all, the moment I was waiting for is finally here. There's a new free Multi-platform IM client on the horizon and its called Octro . I heard it first today on Boy Genious Report and instantly downloaded it. Surprisingly, it is not screwing up my phone as bad as Fring did. The IM alert is same as Agile Messenger, GUI is similar but I think it has more options and it's still free while in beta. BGR reports that it will remain free. I didn't try a voice call yet but chatting works as it should. It has some functions unique to the installation that I didn't see on other apps. I really like color coding your messages and people you're chatting with and group chat functions. Agile is great but it is no longer free. One function that Octro has that Agile still didn't get right was opening web links. That finally works. Also, rendering long IM messages never worked well on Agile. This thing works well. So far I am fairly impressed and will probably ditch Agile on