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Three-headed dog meet cockroach: CockroachDB with MIT Kerberos

CockroachDB is a cloud native distributed database that works across various cloud, hybrid and on premise environments. The flexibility of deployments demand varying degrees of security protocols. Most of the time, on premise customers won't accept anything less than Kerberos for their system of record authentication mechanisms. In my Hadoop time, that was the bare minimum requirement to play. CockroachDB today supports Kerberos via GSSAPI for authentication. In this post, I'm going to walk you through setting up Kerberos for CockroachDB and provide a sort of cheat sheet, to make this process more seamless. I'm using a single Centos VM provisioned with Vagrant. It servers as my KDC as well as my CockroachDB instance. On to the setup. The following documents may assist in the entire process: CockroachDB GSSAPI , how to install CockroachDB and configuring CockroachDB for secure access . I recorded the entire process with Asciinema, I split the screencast into two parts. P