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Apache Hive Groovy UDF examples

One of many reasons to be part of a vibrant and rich open source community is access to a treasure trove of information. One evening, I was reading through the Hive user mailing list and noticed how one user was suggesting to write Groovy to parse JSON. It was strange to suggest that approach when there are at least three ways to do so in Hive and they're built-in! It was astonishing because this feature is not very well documented. I decided to dig into it and wrote a couple of examples myself, the last two examples are contributed by Gopal from Hortonworks on that same mailing list. Now for the main event: Groovy UDF example Can be compiled at run time Currently only works in "hive" shell, does not work in beeline su guest hive paste the following code into the hive shell this will use Groovy String replace function to replace all instances of lower case 'e' with 'E' compile `import org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.exec.UDF \; import org.apache.h