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New Android developer

I am finally writing mobile apps people! I am happy to announce that I finally sit down to develop mobile apps based on Android. I have tons of ideas and no time to implement them all. My friend and big inspiration, Felix is the driving force behind this and I am picking his brains as well as providing him with app ideas. Stay tuned for release! --Artem

New Linksys E3000 stock firmware and DD-WRT support!

I was left out of aftermarket firmware game once I got a new Linksys router as a birthday gift. This is no longer a problem because DD-WRT now supports my E3000. I prefer Tomato firmware myself because I find it more stable but as they say, beggars can't be choosers. I also found that there were three more stock firmware updates available on the Cisco site. I have a new project to do! Tomato DD-WRT --Artem

Another reason to hide SSID

With recent news of Google collecting SSIDs and passwords while mapping Google Street View, comes this tip from Apparently, if you plug in the mac address that comes with SSID on a Google map, Big Brother can zero-in on your exact address. Add this to your long list of paranoia. Reconfigure your routers not to broadcast the SSID! --Artem