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Manjaro with Gnome 3.16 released!

I run Manjaro Linux for my development work. I love the nature of rolling releases. I also love Manjaro because they include all of the latest software like Netbeans 8.0.2 and Virtualbox 4.3.26. I don't need to worry about compiling software, it's just there. I look forward to all of the minor releases that Manjaro brings. I also run Gnome as my window manager and Manjaro supports Gnome as community release, not as primary, which is XFCE and KDE. That said, Gnome 3.16 was a major release and I'm glad to say that it finally trickled down to Manjaro. I just started discovering all of the new things but from what I see, the desktop looks clean and sharp. I look forward to finding all of the fresh new things in Gnome 3.16. Also, Linux 4.0 is made available at this point. I'll wait on that one. Here's the blog post for the release.

Hadoop 2.6 move to another queue feature

this is a quick post about Hadoop 2.6 that I just discovered. I'm finishing up with HDP 2.2 upgrade and I just found out that I can switch running applications between YARN queues. This is an incredibly useful feature. We sometimes issues jobs w/out specifying the designated queues, pushing the job to the right queue is immensely useful. yarn application -movetoqueue applicationID -queue queuename