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Exploring CockroachDB with ipython-sql aka sqlmagic and Jupyter Notebook

Today, I will demonstrate how ipython-sql can be leveraged in querying CockroachDB. This will require a secure instance of CockroachDB for the reasons I will explain below. Running a secure docker-compose instance of CRDB is beyond the scope of this tutorial. Instead, I will publish everything you need to get through the tutorial in my repo , including the Jupyter Notebook. You may also use CRDB docs to stand up a secure instance and change the url in the notebook to follow along.

Exploring CockroachDB with Jupyter Notebook and Microsoft PowerShell

Today, we're going to venture out into the world of .Net through a scripting language out of Microsoft called PowerShell. My familiarity with .Net is quite minimal but I do have an extensive background in PowerShell scripting, albeit going years back. Pardon me for being a bit rusty. I've always loved PowerShell when I was working on the Microsoft platform, it allows for interactive and object oriented approach working with databases. Scripting admin tasks for DBAs on Windows was always a challenge for me until PowerShell came into the picture. I had to maintain many database servers and PowerShell became my best friend. Today, I will show you how PowerShell can become your best friend working with CockroachDB! Note: The title is a bit misleading as you will see this tutorial is more about exploring PowerShell from the console rather than Jupyter Notebook but I do make my best effort to emphasize what does and does not work today in Jupyter when it comes