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new iphone firmare 2.0.1

so I sold out and got me 3g with 16gb. Best mobile experience I've ever had! I'm blogging from it :). It has keyboard lag and battery dies quick. I upgraded to new firmware and I began to get random reboots, it froze once, apps stopped working so I had to reinstall them. I do not get the gps problem everyone is talking about. I had to re-edit this post on a computer because I couldn't change misspelled words on iPhone. The phone reboots once in a while as well, it's very surprising for an Apple product, but then again, I was never an Apple user so I can't say their stuff is super. With all that it's still a wonderful device.

SQL Server 2008 RTM Released!

I can't wait for SQL 2K8. There are many wonderful features available with this release, some of which are backup compression, backup encryption and more flexible configuration options like tempdb location etc. Microsoft Betanews

Maintenance Jobs any SQL DBA should have in production

I recently stumbled upon an article by Tara Kizer that lists her commonly used db tasks. I think this article is pure gold and would like to share it with you. I already implemented a few of these jobs on my production servers and I am beginning to see positive results. Tara is suggesting to put maintenance jobs into a database dedicated just for that, maintenance and then schedule these stored procedures as jobs. Read Link Enjoy!

SQL 2005 Bug - E-mail report multiple times, multiple = # of user dbs available

I finally figured out what is happening to my reports. One maintenance task is being reported a number of times when maintenance task runs. If you specify "all user dbs" instead of "these dbs" and selecting each user db separately, report will be e-mailed multiple times, depending on how many user dbs you have. I've opened a case with Microsoft previously on this matter but could never explain it right to them. This made my day!