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Quick light-weight sandbox environment with Apache Bigtop

I'm a long-time user of Apache Bigtop. My experience with Hadoop and Bigtop predates Ambari. I started using Bigtop with version 0.3. I remember pulling bigtop.repo file and install Hadoop, Pig and Hive for some quick development. Bigtop makes it convenient and easy. Bigtop has matured since then and there are now multiple ways of deployment. There's still a way to pull repo and install manually but there's better ways now with Vagrant and Docker. I won't rehash how to deploy Bigtop using Docker as it was beautifly described here . Admittedly, I'm running it on Mac and was not able to provision a cluster using Docker. I did not try with non-OSX. This post is about Vagrant. Let's get started: Install VirtualBox and Vagrant Download 1.1.0 release wget uncompress the tarball tar -xvzf bigtop-1.1.0-project.tar.gz change directory to bigtop-1.1.0/bigtop-deploy/vm/vagrant-puppet-vm