Exploring CockroachDB with Jupyter Notebook and Microsoft PowerShell

Today, we're going to venture out into the world of .Net through a scripting language out of Microsoft called PowerShell.
My familiarity with .Net is quite minimal but I do have an extensive background in PowerShell scripting,
albeit going years back. Pardon me for being a bit rusty. I've always loved PowerShell when I was working on the
Microsoft platform, it allows for interactive and object oriented approach working with databases. Scripting
admin tasks for DBAs on Windows was always a challenge for me until PowerShell came into the picture. I had
to maintain many database servers and PowerShell became my best friend. Today, I will show you how
PowerShell can become your best friend working with CockroachDB!

Note: The title is a bit misleading as you will see this tutorial is more about exploring PowerShell from the console
rather than Jupyter Notebook but I do make my best effort to emphasize what does and does not work today in
Jupyter when it comes to PowerShell and CockroachDB. I've burned many hours trying to find a workaround but I
was not able to make the Postgres driver for .Net work with Jupyter Notebook.


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