Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Agile Mobile Upgrade

I got a new update notification for my Agile Mobile Messenger today when I started it up on my Motorola Q. I decided to upgrade and so far I've seen a few pleasant changes. Fonts have been changed and it's much better to look at my buddy list. Also, chats look much better with the new fonts and Sender/Receiver are in bold Red and Blue, very nice change from previous. I looked through the preferences and I don't see any functionality changes but aesthetics are nice. Perhaps it was a bug fix as well but I have no confirmation on that unless I keep using the messenger.
If I find out more, I'll update the post.

Today I got another update, probably a bug fix after yesterday. Another noticeable feature is that now a new IM notification is not three continuous vibrations but one long vibration. Also, smiley face graphics are completely different than standard graphics and pretty cool.

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