Running CockroachDB with Docker Compose and Minio, Part 2

This is my second post on creating a multi-service architecture with docker-compose. This is meant to be a learning exercise and typically docker-compose is used to set up a local development environment rather than a production-ready set up. I regularly, find myself building these environments to reproduce customer bugs. For a production-specific application, refer to your platform vendor documentation. At some later time, I will cover Kubernetes deployments that can be used as a stepping stone for a real-world application. Until then, let's focus on the task at hand. We're building a microservice architecture with CockroachDB writing changes in real-time to an S3 bucket in JSON format. S3 bucket is served by a service called Minio. It can act like an S3 appliance on premise or serve as a local gateway to your cloud storage. Let's dig in:


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