IDE for Powershell

I just stumbled upon an IDE for Powershell that is surprisingly free and actually pretty well made. It is called PowerGUI. I used it for only a few minutes so far but as far as I can tell, I'll be using this more often. I previously tried out Idera's product but budgets are tight and we need a free solution. What makes PowerGUI so good:

1. Intelisense or auto-completion
2. Can run in debug mode.
3. Can execute right inside the IDE w/out launching PowerShell prompt.
4. Free
5. An active community with other cmdlets.
6. Allows for snap-ins for other Microsoft Tools.
7. Allows to run Powershell tasks w/out Powershell knowledge.
8. Export results to a lot of different formats.
9. Review the built-in scripts.

Will let you know if I find more stuff.


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