SQL Server on Solid State Disk

Hello, it's been awhile :)! I had a pleasure attending a workshop for running Oracle apps like PeopleSoft on SQL Server. Yes, there are shops that do that. The workshop also covered J.D. Edwards, Siebel and SAP applications on SQL. Even though I don't deal with any of these apps, I have learned a lot from just attending. Contact me if you would like to get the trainer's information. Anyway, the most amazing part of the workshop was when the instructor showed us his server setup at home. His Windows 2008 server contained SSD storage and one SQL Database resided on it. He ran an undocumented command BACKUP DATABASE DBonSSD TO DISK = 'NUL:' just to display reads that occur during backup and the speed was an amazing 1300 MB/s. Then just to show the difference, he ran the same command on a database that resided on local disk, the speed was 80MB/s. I am convinced! If you're interested, the SSD vendor is Fusion IO and I am sure you won't have a problem finding it. So my recommendation, get SSD for SQL and attend this workshop when it is in the area. The workshop organizer is Mission Critical Computing Inc.


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