MobaXterm: a full-featured terminal for Windows

From the site: "MobaXterm is an enhanced terminal for Windows with an X11 server, a tabbed SSH client and several other network tools for remote computing (VNC, RDP, telnet, rlogin). MobaXterm brings all the essential Unix commands to Windows desktop, in a single portable exe file which works out of the box". In the past few years of working with Open Source and Hadoop, I've come to rely on terminal emulators to interact with my servers. You have many options and I've used Cygwin and Console2 before but ever since I've come across MobaXterm, I haven't looked back. MobaXterm is a very stable terminal emulator with SSH. It includes a bunch of additional features like multiexec, which duplicates your terminal activity in additional tabs, so in other words if you'd like to execute the same command on multiple servers, SSH to all the servers and start typing out your commands, it will just work. It supports extensions, Git, SVN and a bunch more are available, it is admittedly limited but for the base of my work it will suffice. The other day I had to go back to Cygwin to do some work with Vagrant, I didn't figure out a quick way to get Vagrant to work in MobaXterm but otherwise I'd say I can do 90% of my work in Moba over Cygwin. The free edition is shareware and they have a professional edition for mere 60 euros. I think the investment is well worth the price. In the professional edition, you have an unlimited number of saved sessions. A feature similar to Keepass, it saves your session passwords, which makes your overall work streamlined. In the free edition, you're limited to two sessions at the time of writing. If you have no choice at work and use a Windows machine to work with Linux, MobaXterm is the way to go! MobaXterm Cygwin Console Keepass Vagrant


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