Unfinished reading list

One great thing about subscription services like Safari Books Online is the choice of all great books available at the moment's notice. What I find happening over and over is that I would start reading a book and never finish. This post is a list of all books I started reading but yet to finish. Here it goes.

ActiveMQ in Action
   excellent book based on the first four chapters I read. I'm not giving up, just shifted in priorities. I intend to finish the book soon. I'm up to chapter 5.

Hadoop: The Definitive Guide 2nd edition 3rd edition 4th edition
   Hadoop bible, a must read for any self-respecting Hadoop engineer. I made a mistake reading this book first, jumping from Microsoft platform to Java and Big Data. I intend to pick it up again when 4th edition is released. This is a really an in-depth book and not recommended for first time users. After having some considerable time with Hadoop, this is the book to turn to. I read the chapters in no particular order.

The Java Programming Language, Fourth Edition
   I was reading this book until I was assigned the AMQ project. I left off at chapter 6. I plan to start reading it again tomorrow.

Hadoop Application Architectures
   Stopped in the middle of chapter 3. I think the reason I stopped was that the book describes some particular use-cases, not necessarily fitting most roles. Covers a wide range of technologies, right now not really on my top priorities list.

Making Java Groovy
   Stopped at chapter 7. I see a lot of potential using Groovy along with Java. However, I am struggling with the choice to continue investing in Groovy vs. giving Scala/Java 8 a chance. I do see a lot of potential using Groovy for unit testing. Setting up test cases in Java can become too wordy. Groovy is here to help. I will continue with the book after some considerable time with Java and HBase.

The Well-Grounded Java Developer: Vital techniques of Java 7 and polyglot programming
   Excellent book but a bit out of scope for me as a recent developer. I am not giving up on the book, but somewhere on the secondary priority list. Stopped at chapter 5.

Using Flume
Started reading this book on a Kindle. A first for me. Couldn't get used to a Kindle and gave up. I do see a lot of potential in using Flume so definitely not giving up there.

This is my list of my unfinished books. I should point out that I try to read all books cover to cover. It is also worth mentioning the last few books I actually did finish.

Learning Chef, Securing Hadoop, Apache Hadoop YARN - Moving beyond MapReduce and Batch Processing.

The next steps are to continue reading the Java book and then the last three most recent HBase books HBase Essentials, Learning HBase and HBase Design Patterns. Perhaps one day I'll post a list of books I'd like to read. Currently the queue is at 60+ books.


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