Import a table from SQL Server into CockroachDB

This is a quick tutorial on exporting data out of SQL Server into CockroachDB. This is meant to be
a learning exercise only and not meant for production deployment. I welcome any feedback to
improve the process further. The fastest way to get started with SQL Server is via available
Docker containers. I’m using the following tutorial to deploy SQL Server on Ubuntu from my Mac. 
My SQL Server-Fu is a bit rusty and I opted for following this tutorial to restore WideWordImporters
sample database into my Docker container. You may also need SQL Server tools installed on your
host and you may find direction for Mac OS and Linux at the following site, users of Windows are quite
familiar with download location for their OS. I also used the following directions to install SQL Server
tools on my Mac but ran into compatibility issues with the drivers in my Docker container. This will be a
debug session for another day.

I will be working further on getting closer to a 1:1 conversion. Until then, hope this is a good first start.


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