Sunday, March 22, 2009

My iTunes Podcasts

I think it's time I share some of my podcast subscriptions with you. There are a few resources on this list that I can't live without on daily basis and there are some that are still on temporarily while I review them. So here we go in alphabetical order:

1. The Apple Byte - CNET reviews all things Apple (V)
2. Apple Quick Tips - short tips from Apple on OSX, iPhone, etc.
3. The Art of Code - If you want to learn web development.
4. Ask The Techies - great resource on Windows and mostly Apple. 5. Best of Youtube - once a week, most popular Youtube video.
6. The Bleeding Edge - still reviewing.
7. Buzz Report - CNET tech news.
8. CNBC's "On The Money" - Financial tips and news.
9. CNET Live - CNET editors trying to answer caller questions.
10. CNET TV: Quick Tips - tips on anything techie.
11. CommandN - short news on tech.
12. Cranky Geeks - John C. Dvorak and other pundits talk about tech.
13. The Digg Reel - best of videos.
14. - all things tech from Ziff Davis, good HDTV resource.
15. Editor's Office Hours - CNET Editors answer caller questions.
16. Epic Fu - show about ART, Music, Tech.
17. Fortune: The Best Advice I Ever Got - weekly advice from VIPs.
18. The Fresh Ubuntu Podcast - still reviewing.
19. Get-It-Done-Guy's Quick and Dirty Tips To Work Less and Do More.
20. Hak5 - a great resource on hacking and administration.
21. Harward Extension School's Computer Science - lectures.
22. Howcast Tech & Gadgets - Imagine Lifehacker doing videos.
23. Learn Spanish with Coffe Break Spanish.
24. Linux Journal - great short videos on Linux.
25. Loaded - CNET daily tech news.
26. MarketWatch Morning Stock Talk - latest news on stock performance.
27. Midnight DBA - SQL Server tips.
28. Money Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer Life.
29. OnMicrosoft - short interviews with Microsoft engineers.
30. OnOpenSource - short interviews with Open Source developers.
31. OnSecuriy - short interviews with security consultants.
32. Open Sources - audio podcast on Linux and Open Source.
33. Run Your Own Server - audio podcast on BSD and administration.
34. Scam School - tips to get free beer at a bar.
35. Small Business Bulletin - tips on running SMB.
36. SourceTrunk - audio podcast on Linux and Belgian Beer.
37. SQLServerPedia SQL Server Training - Quest's engineers on SQL.
38. Systm - Great resource on DIY.
39. Tekzilla - Great Windows and OSX tips.
40. TorrentFreak - news on Pirate Bay and P2P.
41. Ubuntu UK Podcast - great Ubuntu resource.
42. Wall Street Journal on Small Business.
43. Wall Street Journal What's News - stock news.
44. Wired's Gadget Lab Video Podcast - still reviewing.

And that's about it. Every week my list changes plus or minus two or three. Some that I am reviewing may or may not go away but you get the idea. Please subscribe in iTunes or Miro.

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