Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Most Frequently Used Apps at Home

There are apps that you most commonly use at home and at the office. This post will list my home apps:

1. iTunes - sync music and podcasts to my iPhone.
2. Yahoo Widgets - Wifi, weather, battery, cpu, clock widgets
3. Thunderbird Mail - I am more productive reading mail with Thunderbird than Gmail
4. Miro - iTunes cannot play everything, discover other podcasts Apple wouldn't show
5. VLC - a must have to view any video format under the sun. Never fails!
6. Notepad - duh
7. Command Prompt
8. Firefox - duh
9. CDBurnerXP - on Windows, K3B or Brasero on Ubuntu
10. Boxee and Plex - Media Center
11. Winpatrol - UAC and random settings for XP
12. Digsby - Best IM Client for Windows
13. Visual Task Tips - thumbnail review like Compiz and Vista/Windows7
14. iPhoneBrowser - just installed, browse iPhone internal directories
15. VirtualWin - toggle through multiple desktops on Windows - Spaces on Mac, Compiz
16. Update Checker - still beta but awesome tool to check application updates
17. Defraggler - a much better defragment tool for Windows
18. CCleaner - if you don't know this and run Windows.. you're in trouble
19. Ad-Aware - you're in trouble...
20. Avast - antivirus!
21. Skype
22. Picasa3
23. Twhirl - just installed for Twitter, needs Adobe Air.

You get the picture, there may be more but I can't think of them right now..

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