MacBook Pro problem when you fresh install

Windows 7 launched on October 22nd and that's about the time I got my 64-bit copy. First thing I wanted to do was install it on my MacBook Pro. I started up Bootcamp and began to repartition. I ran into a problem partitioning more than 40gb volume. I started researching the issue and it turns out that due to fragmentation, it won't allow for larger space. Yes Macs also suffer from fragmentation! I had two options, purchase software to defrag the hard drive or do a fresh install of Snow Leopard. I opted out for #2. I erased my drive, formatted it and within an hour I had a brand new installation. Then I restored from Time Machine backup and my machine went back to the exact way it was when I began, minus the fragmentation. I must say that Time Machine is an amazing piece of technology, even though I've heard otherwise. I created a few partitions, one for Windows, one for Ubuntu 9.10 (coming shortly today!!!) and one for Data (partition formatted in FAT, accessible by all three). One thing led to another and it didn't work out too well for me. I decided to reinstall again and just stay with Mac OSX and Windows in Bootcamp. At this point fresh install started failing. I tried every which way to reinstall but was not able to. I even deleted the whole OS and installed Windows exclusively. I looked in the error log and message was that installation was unable to bless the disk and boot from it. Then I started researching again and found out that sometimes Intel Macs's PRAM get corrupted. Symptoms were similar to mine so I decided to try. To reset the PRAM you have to hold "Command + Option + P + R" together at boot-up, before the chime and continue holding until Mac restarts. After 2nd chime, your PRAM is reset. I tried that and it worked. Then I reinstalled the Mac and what do you know, I was able to reinstall! I am restoring from the backup as we speak.

Other good things to know:

force CD to eject command: "turn off the Mac, hold the power key for 10 seconds and when you hear chime, hold the trackpad until CD ejects".

boot from CD: "put CD in, reboot, hold "C".

That's that, happy hacking and Happy Ubuntu Day!


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