Google Repositories for Linux

This is old news that Google is a Linux supporter but I think is worthwile to mention that Google has added repositories for its applications running on Linux. More on that later. Google hosts Linux user groups and some of their developers use Ubuntu Linux on their workstations. Recently I came back from a trip and I needed a big web repository for my pictures. I stumbled upon Picasa and little did I know that there was a debian package ready for my Kubuntu box :). A little after Picasa for Linux, Google announced its desktop product for Linux. Of course I installed it and I have to tell you that it looks neat. If Google will spearhead the application development on Linux, they will set the standard for the application look and feel. Current Linux applications lack a visual appeal; hope it will change with time. I haven't had a chance to play with Google Desktop but Picasa is a clone of its Windows brethren but not quite. Upload to web album option is still missing. I hope it will change with time (pretty soon, fingers crossed). I dedicate this post to first and foremost Canonical and its REVOLUTIONARY OS - Ubuntu, Mr. Shuttleworth and Google, whose services make my life peachy every day. This post is written with Blogger, which of course belongs to Google :). In the future, I will post more about my Ubuntu experiences, Google user groups and other random blabber. If you're using Linux, definitely try these applications and add the repositories at this address: Link


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