Phones, phones, phones...

I don't know what the fascination with cellphones is but I'm definitely an addict. I feel like I've been a good boy for the past few months and I deserve a prize. Recently my phone got stolen and I was thinking what would be the "it" phone for me at that point. If I had to choose, I'd go with T-Mobile as carrier (personal preference) and HTC Wing as the phone of choice. The only gripe I've heard of it was that it's pretty heavy. I love the two thumb devices. It all goes back to Sidekick 2 era. Currently I own a Motorola Q and I hate it. I have another year to go on my contract ::sigh:: So a new phone is out of question. If I didn't have to go with Windows Mobile 6, which by the way is a major improvement over mine, well at least that's what my friend Felix tells me who owns a much better device, T-Mobile Dash, also by HTC. On a side note, those who own a Q may look forward to Windows Mobile 6 upgrade sometime at the end of the year, not that it will make whole lot of difference. I inquired about it when I was activating my new phone (remember I said my last phone was stolen). Some will say why not iPhone and I'll say that it still has a lot of work. I haven't had a chance to play with it but functionality I'm looking for is still missing, i.e. Instant Messaging and don't say use eBuddy. I need a dedicated client, not web. So my other two choices would be Helio Ocean and FIC 1973 (openmoko). As I see it FIC phone is equivalent to iPhone minus the brand name and all that Apple good stuff. FIC has a GPS and its unlocked and has a replaceable battery and support for additional storage, plus a number of software repositories. I can go on. The only drawback to these phones is the price. I cannot see why a phone costs $300+. So long story short I have to wait for my contract to expire, $175 is not much but I can live with it. So this takes me back to the original dilemma. What am I going to get? I was looking at Nokia N800 tablet and with the new firmware release that includes Skype, it's becoming an intriguing idea. I think this is the most likely candidate for my next gadget. I just learned that I could add a "NAVKIT" to it and it becomes a navigation system with GPS. The only itsy bitsy problem I have is that I have a strong feeling that a new tablet is about to pop up. I've been monitoring and slickdeals amongst others and prices fluctuate on the N770 device. They dropped to $129, is everyone clearing stock? I would hate to spend $300 and change on N800 and another $250 on the Navkit, just to find out that a new version of the tablet is out. I'll be stopping here because I'm going fishing in the am. More on the devices soon.


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