Ubuntu Server with LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP)

Today, I had a pleasure installing Ubuntu Server edition on my friends'/cofounders' machine. I was using this tutorial. All we had to go with was a box missing a CDROM and HD. My friend had an HD but was missing an optical drive. So while he was buying one I was getting familiar with the tutorial. The cool thing about the whole process was that he was missing a monitor and it was a hassle to dismantle his desktop. He suggested we use his 50" Plasma TV. It worked out pretty well. We used the S-Video output to connect the machine to his TV. The whole installation is fool-proof. We ran into some gripes when we were trying to install Java 1.5. It all could've been avoided if my man had a spare mouse (the only mouse in his house was wireless, and also a pain to take out). So enabling LAMP server is a one click process. Literally 15 minutes later we had a server with no GUI.

I issued:

sudo apt-get update

this updates the system to the latest configuration available

sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop

this installs KDE front-end so that once in a while we won't need to mess with terminal.

This server will eventually become a server for ideAjax. This is a small company of close friends which I am a part of. I also write on that blog as well. I chose to separate one and the other due to the specificity of this blog.

So last thing I did was install synaptic package manager (I know there's adept for KDE but I prefer synaptic for Gnome). I can't wait to dwelve deep into the innards of the server again. This was the most productive day in my ideAjax history. I love it and please start using Ubuntu. It will change your life.



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