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This Saturday I had a pleasure meeting a guy who owns a cell phone store. He had an interesting phone in his hands. I requested to look at it and little did I know but it was Nokia N95. This phone sells on Amazon for almost $800. The phone has a 5MP camera! I didn't want to dwelve into the ins and outs of the phone so I just left it at that. There were only a few icons on screen and that seemed plain. I guess I have to play with it more to get true appreciation. Next, a bunch of my coworkers are getting addicted to World of Warcraft. I haven't had a chance to play this game any time soon. But once I found out that my buddies are into it, I started paying attention to WOW on the web. Today I give you a link to a video of a guy playing WOW on his iPhone via some middleware. An application running on his laptop allows him to control the game remotely. Seems kind of awkward if you ask me. Lastly, I came across an article on DIGG about Al Sharpton's new public stunt. What caught my eye was that he's trying to push Linux and driver development. On any other day I'd ignore anything with him in the headlines but as much as I dislike the guy, I can't say anything wrong about this :).

Ubuntu tip of the day:

If you would like to load some applications faster at boot up, install a program called "preload". It retains memory of frequently used apps and will boot your system with those apps running.

In terminal: sudo apt-get install preload

General Tip:

I have a "shared items" section on my blog for articles that I find interesting. If you find anything intersting, go ahead and read. The interesting story behind this section is that it's integrated with Google Reader and any item I "share in GReader will appear on my blog.

Once again, thanks Google!


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